Our approach

We are transparent with whom we partner

We, at High Grade Metals focus on creating sustainable and lasting value through strong partnerships with our stakeholders – from regulators to shareholders, through employees to the communities where we operate. We strive to manage social, environmental and economic effects with all stakeholders in mind, in order to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.


Our people matter to us

Talented and passionate people are the engine of our future success. We treat each individual fairly, respect diversity and promote open communication at all levels. Our company aims to create an empowering culture for its workforce and employs the best available international practices to achieve its business objectives safely and ethically. Our diverse approach is supported by employing locally where possible and providing training for all workforce.

Communities and engagement

Earning our welcome in Austria

We prioritise talking to key stakeholders who are affected by our activities on and around their properties. Relationships are formed and lines of communication opened before any exploration work starts by getting to know regulators, land holders and communities around the project areas. We value the opportunity to meet with local members on a regular basis, obtain their feedback and to share our journey with them, both formally and informally. Ongoing dialogue allows us to better understand stakeholders’ interests, concerns and ultimately see what we are jointly seeking to achieve in Austria during the life of the program.


Our license to a responsible operation

Our philosophy is to run our exploration activities responsibly in a way which has the smallest impact on the environment. To do this, we asses potential influences and identify risks ahead of the program to ensure the ecological footprint is as low as possible. We do so by:

  • Integrating environmental baseline assessment as a part of planning for our main operational works
  • Identifying and analyzing relevant environmental parameters for the affected areas and record the conditions before commencing our activities
  • Regularly reporting the Company’s performance on relevant environmental matters to key stakeholders

This way we demonstrate that our exploration program is executed above a national and local standard. We undertake something voluntarily which is generally never done as part of an exploration program on a worldwide basis, in order to be the highest quality exploration company in Europe.

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