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APC’s Cobalt Projects are all located in western and central Austria, extending from Gratlspitz, in the west, to Zinkwand, in the east (Figure 1).


                                                          Figure 1. Location of APC’s Cobalt Projects


The Leogang Project consists of one of the oldest and most famous mining localities in Austria within the Schwarzleo Valley. Mining was first documented in this area as far back as 1425. Located in the Federal State of Salzburg, the Exploration Area, comprising 30 freischurfe, covers an area of approximately 12 km². Nearby historic mines, including Nockelberg and Leogang, were renowned for their historical wealth of nickel and cobalt ores.

The Gratlspitz Project is located within the Federal State of Tyrol, to the east of Brixlegg and some 15 km NNE of Schwaz, on the eastern side of the Inn River. Thirty-seven freischurfe define the Exploration Area, the total area of which is approximately 15 km² and includes the historical Ramsberg and Theierberg mine sites.

The Seekar Project is located in the Federal State of Salzburg. Its Exploration Area, comprising 9 freischurfe, covers a total area of 4 km² and includes historical mining sites first established during the 16th century and mined intermittently up until 1923, after World War 1.

The Zinkwand Project is located both on the northern and southern flanks of Zinkwand Mountain, the site of historic sulphide ore mining including both cobalt and nickel. The Zinkwand Exploration Area consists of 2 freischurfe covering an area of approximately 1 km².

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