Gold Projects


Each of Gold Projects lies in south-central Austria, within or adjacent to the Tauern Window. Schellgaden North and South, being contiguous, are considered as one area for ease of reference.

Schellgaden North and South are located in the Schellgaden Mining District which geologically extends along the eastern rim of the Tauern Window, from the upper Mur Valley in the north, to south of the town of Gmünd in Carinthia.

The remaining three Gold Projects (Goldeck-Siflitz, Kreuzeck East – Lengholz, and Kreuzeck West – Rabant), lie within the Goldeck-Kreuzeck Mining District. This extends east-west for more than 40 km around the south-eastern rim of the Tauern Window along the north and east slopes of the Upper Drau Valley of Carinthia (shown below).


                                                           Figure 1. Geographic Location of the gold concessions in Austria.


Schellgaden North and South Project is located in the historic Schellgaden Mining District and named after the village of Schellgaden. The historic papers focused on this mining district noted gold production until the early years of the 20th Century.

Goldeck-Siflitz Project consists of 57 freischürfe covering an area of 27.6 km² and encompasses the historic mine workings of Guginock.

Kreuzeck East Project comprises of 42 freischürfe in an area of 20.5 km², including the historic mine workings of Lengholz and Lessnig-Radlberg within the Goldeck-Kreuzeck Mining District.

Kreuzeck West Project consists of 49 freischürfe covering an area of 23.9 km². Also lying within the Goldeck-Kreuzeck Mining District, it hosts the greatest variety of mineralisation styles.

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