Kreuzeck East Project

The Kreuzeck East Project covers the southern slopes of the eastern Kreuzeck Mountains, between Steinfeld in the west and Lessnig in the east, in southwestern Carinthia. The Kreuzeck East Project lies within an Exploration Permit, comprising 42 Freischurfe, which encompasses a total area of approximately 20.5 km² and includes two famous old mining districts; the very rich historic mines of Lengholz and the stibnite deposits of Lessnig-Radlberg.

Gold was discovered in 1544 in Lengholz and by the time this mining site was abandoned, in the 17th Century, some 15 galleries were reported to have been mined. In contrast, the Lessnig-Radlberg locality was mined later, from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th centuries, and for stibnite. Because of its proximity the local geology is very much an extension of that found in the adjacent Goldeck-Siflitz. The distinct differences in mineralisation between Lessnig-Radlberg and Lengholz suggest a detailed structural analysis, including analysis of possible stock-work related structures and vertical zonation will need to be undertaken. This project is not the primary focus of the Company’s immediate exploration program, but will be systematically explored over the next 5 years.