Project Overview - Gold

Each of High Grade Metals’ Gold Projects lies in south-central Austria, within or immediately south east to the Tauern Window.

All project areas are historically known to host precious metals, with roughly 80 gold ‘occurrences’ recorded on the Austrian mineral database ‘MinDat’, over 50 known and identified mines and hundreds of further unrecorded adits, dating as far back as pre-Roman times.

Schellgaden North and South are located in the Schellgaden Mining District which geologically extends along the eastern rim of the Tauern Window, from the upper Mur Valley in the north, to south of the town of Gmünd in Carinthia. The 2 project areas are divided by the Carinthia/Salzburg state boundary, but are considered as one area for ease of reference.

Schellgaden gold occurrences occur almost exclusively within the Kareck-Storz Series, a roughly 1000m thick, ore-bearing unit belonging to the Habach Formatin, located on the eastern edge of the Tauern Window.

The remaining three Gold Projects (Goldeck-Siflitz, Kreuzeck East and Kreuzeck West), lie within the Goldeck-Kreuzeck Mining District located within the Kreuzeck Group Mountains, a range which extends east-west for more than 40 km. The Kreuzeck Group Mountain range is seperated from the Mesozic Drau Range to the South by the E-W trending Drau Valley Fault, and from the Tauern Window to the North, by the NW-SE striking Mölltal Fault.

Project Name No. of Concessions Area
Major Mining Districts Mineralisation
Schellgaden North 68 31 Stüblbau, Schulterbau, Knappenstube, Ramsbacher Bau, Birgeck, Jagerhalte


Au hosted in bedding parallel, quartzitic ‘layers’ of the Kareck-Storz Series
Schellgaden South 151


69 Goslitzen, Oberdorf, Millionenloch, Silberloch, Dornbach, Radlgraben Au hosted in bedding parallel, quartzitic ‘layers’ of the Kareck-Storz Series
Goldeck-Siflitz 57


27.6 Guginock, Vorder-Siflitz, Weißwände Auriferous Arsenopyrite in silicified fault zones
Kreuzeck East 42


20.5 Gerlamoos, Lengholz, Pragen, Stottergraben Auriferous Arsenopyrite in grayish/black ‘greasy’ Quartz veins / Stratiform massive Stibnite


Kreuzeck West 44 23.9 Fundkfel, Strieden, Gurskerkammer, Rabant Strata-bound syngenetic ore layers of complex Massive Sulphides contained in thick packages of quartzitic Micaschist